Adsigo AG is your reliable and professional partner for all topics concerning PCI certification, compliance and information security. Trust in our more than 15 years of audit experience, internationally experienced auditors and consultants as well as in our network of experts and partner companies.

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PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance refers to the adherence to a series of security standards within the payment industry which were developed to protect card information both during and after a financial transaction. PCI compliance is required by card organizations for all businesses which process, send or store card data.


The job of IT security is to protect the information-processing systems within a company against manipulation and economic damage and to minimize the risks caused by the breach of the three fundamental protection objectives. These protection objectives are the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the information-processing systems.

Data Protection

Data protection targets the protection of the personal rights of an individual when their personal data is handled by businesses, government agencies or official bodies. To implement these protection objectives, technical and organizational measures which guarantee that data cannot be misused during its collation, processing and utilization is a mandatory requirement within companies.


eDiscovery (Electronic Discovery) refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. Court-ordered or government sanctioned hacking for the purpose of obtaining critical evidence is also a type of eDiscovery. In the process of electronic discovery, data of all types can serve as evidence.

why we are the right partner for you

Customer Orientation

We see ourselves as partners of our customers.

With our experts, our goal is to provide professional support for all aspects of PCI compliance and information security in order to add value to the projects for our customers.

Expert Knowledge

Our employees are highly qualified experts in their fields. Our internal training and continuous education as well as the professional qualification of the staff guarantee outstanding services to our customers. With over 15 years of audit experience in PCI certification and nearly 100 man years of industry experience in the payment sector, our customers can be sure that we know and understand their challenges and issues in preparing for a PCI certification.

International Orientation

Our international experience in many European Countries, the Middle East and on the African continent also offer international clients a good foundation for cooperation.

By understanding the special qualities of the individual markets of the different countries, we provide a great benefit four our customers.


Our customers appreciate and trust us. This is visible by the long-standing cooperation with our customers.

We value greatly that our customers put their trust in us by working together closely and forming a long-term relationship.