In September 2015 Adsigo AG certified payment platform Paygate of Computop located in Bamberg, Germany. This platform is the first German and globally fourteenth P2PE solution listed on the PCI Council website.

The P2PE solution has already been successfully implemented by Computop at a first customer in the travel industry. The customer has no significant PCI DSS requirements to implement in its specific POS environment anymore due to the use of Computop’s validated P2PE solution. The solution ensures that no systems of the customer are in the PCI DSS scope; and therefore no additional costly controls are required for the customer to achieve PCI compliance. The customer only needs to use the POS devices according the P2PE Implementation Manual of the certified P2PE solution from Computop.

In contrast proprietary end-to-end encryption solutions existing in the marketplace at this time, which encrypt the cardholder data between the POS device and the service provider, a certified P2PE solution provides the benefit that no systems of the merchant are in the PCI scope. Therefore there is no need for an acknowledgement by the acquirer for such proprietary end-to-end encryption solutions. Within a non-validated end-to-end encryption solution the POS devices and all connected merchant systems are in PCI scope, which in many cases results in exhaustive implementation and maintenance cost on merchant side to align with the PCI DSS requirements.


About Computop

Computop is a leading global payment service provider (PSP) that provides compliant and secure solutions in the fields of e-commerce, POS, m-commerce and Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO). The company, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Bamberg, Germany, with additional independent offices in China, the UK and the US. Computop processes transactions totalling $14 billion per year for its client network of over 10,000 large international merchants and global marketplace partners in industries such as retail, travel and gaming. Global customers include C&A, Fossil, Metro Cash & Carry, Rakuten, Samsung and Swarovski. Following the recent asset deal with the Otto Group, Computop is now processing payments for merchants that previously used EOS Payment, including all 100 Otto retail brands. In cooperation with its network of financial and technology partners, which it has expanded over many years, Computop offers a comprehensive multichannel solution that is geared to the needs of today’s market and provides merchants with seamlessly integrated payment processes.

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