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Benefit from the experience of a company, which provides since years holistic IT-Security advice and support for well-known companies across Europe.
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range of Services we provide in IT-Security

Penetration Testing

Examination of applications and IT infrastructures for weaknesses with the aid of external and internal penetration tests. The investigations are carried out on the basis of BSI recommendations for special standards such as the PCI standard or in accordance with OWASP recommendations by specialists in the field.

Vulnerability Scans

Provision of tools for partly automated completion of internal and external scans for weak points. These scans are available as compliance scans for the PCI DSS standard or for individual client applications.

Source Code Reviews

Analysis of the sources (source code) of a software application for security-related programming errors and effects on configuration. We also offer these reviews as part of compliance audits (including PA-DSS) as essential compliance tests.


Investigation of suspicious incidents by recording, backing up, analysing and evaluating digital information on IT systems. Legally compliant collection of evidence in the context of IT forensics is frequently used for purposes of criminal prosecution or internal investigations.